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ASA Outstanding Sailing School of the Year 2008

Competent Crew 1 :  This is a two-day introductory sailing course designed for students who would like to be confident in their ability to perform crew functions on a sailboat. This includes the skills of simple docking, hoisting and lowering the sails, and safely tacking the boat, all under the direction of a qualified skipper.   No prior boating skills or navigation skills are required.  Over the 16 hours of this class, each student will learn to sail a 22-foot Capri in light to moderate wind and sea conditions on the San Joaquin River.  Classes are small with a maximum of 4 students on each boat with one instructor, allowing for plenty of experience learning to sail.  Classroom instruction makes up about 2 hours of this course.  It is recommended that students read the text prior to starting the class in order to gain as much benefit as possible.  

This is the first class in our Competent Crew series. The second class focuses on Anchoring, and the third class focuses on Cruising.

Prerequisite: None

Class Fee: $250.00

Tuition includes Textbook

Day 1 Day 2 Spaces Available Class Size
Saturday, May 03 Sunday, May 04 4 4
Saturday, May 31 Sunday, June 01 4 4
Saturday, June 28 Sunday, June 29 4 4
Saturday, July 26 Sunday, July 27 4 4
Saturday, September 06 Sunday, September 07 4 4
Saturday, October 04 Sunday, October 05 4 4
Saturday, November 01 Sunday, November 02 4 4

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