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Basic Keelboat - BKB (ASA 101): 

Prerequisites: None

General Description: Sailors must sail a boat of about 20 feet in length in light to moderate winds and sea conditions in familiar waters without supervision. A preparatory Standard with no auxiliary power or navigation skills required.


A Certified Sailor has successfully demonstrated his or her ability to:


  1. Identify the following parts of a sailboat:
  2. hull mast mainsail
    keel boom bow
    bow pulpit gooseneck jib
    traveler stern stern pulpit
    deck lifelines cabin
    spreaders shrouds
    headstay forestay backstay

  3. Describe the functions of the following items on a sailboat:
  4. mainsheet rudder tiller / wheel
    boomvang boom topping lift jib sheet(s)
    halyard(s) winches fairlead v s. padeye
    downhaul outhaul cunningham
    stays / shrouds shackle telltails
    spring / breast lines fenders cleats

  5. Define the following terms:
  6. port starboard skipper
    helmsman crew forward
    aft coming about gybing
    running rigging standing rigging heel
    ahead abeam astern
    windward leeward beam

  7. Identify the following sails and parts of a sail:
  8. mainsail jib storm jib
    spinnaker genoa hanks
    battens batten packets bolt rope
    luff leech foot
    head tack clew

  9. Explain the following terms and points of sail and identify them from diagrams:
  10. in-irons head to wind luffing
    close hauled close reach beam reach
    broad reach running starboard tack
    port tack windward boat leeward boat
    heading up heading down / bearing away sailing by the lee


A Certified Sailor has successfully demonstrated his or her ability to:



Sample Commands:
"ease sheets" "easing sheets"
"heading-up, sheet in" "sheeting in"
"ready about" "ready"
"helms-a-lee" "hard-alee"
"ready to gybe" "ready" "gybe-ho"



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